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By Shamsher khna This is a Writeup of Tryhackme room “Hardening Basics Part 2”



Task 2: Chapter 3 Quiz

Question 1. Which SSH Protocol version is the most secure?

Answer: 2

Question 2. This is a random, arbitrary number, used as the session key, that is used to encrypt GPG.

Answer: nonce

Question 3. Yey/Ney — GPG is based off of the OpenGPG standard

Answer: yey

Question 4. What is the command to generate your GPG keys?

Answer: gpg — gen-key

Question 5. What is the command to symmetrically encrypt a file with GPG?

Answer: gpg -c

Question 6. What is the command to asymmetrically encrypt a file with GPG?

Answer: gpg -e

Question 7. What is the command to create SSH keys?

Answer: ssh-keygen

Question 8. Where are ssh keys stored in a user’s home directory?

Answer: .ssh

Question 9. What option needs to be set to select the type of key to generate for SSH?

Answer: -t

Question 10. The SSH configuration options presented in this chapter were found in what file (full path)?

Answer: /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Task 13: Chapter 4 Quiz

Question 1. Where are the AppArmor profiles located?

Answer: /etc/apparmor.d

Question 2. This directory includes partial profiles to be used in your own custom profiles

Answer: abstractions

Question 3. This punctuation mark is REQUIRED at the end of every rule in a profile

Answer: ,

Question 4. This AppArmor mode enforces the profiles but also logs them

Answer: audit

Question 5. This command checks the status of AppArmor

Answer: aa-status

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