RustScan Tryhackme Wrietup

Task 2: Installing RustScan

Task 3: Accessible

Task 4: Fast

Task 5: Extensible

# Test/Example ScriptConfig file# Tags to filter on scripts. Only scripts containing all these tags will run.
tags = ["core_approved", "example"]
# If it's present then only those scripts will run which has a tag ports = "80". Not yet implemented.
# ex.:
# ports = ["80"]
# ports = ["80","81","8080"]
ports = ["80"]
# Only this developer(s) scripts to run. Not yet implemented.
developer = ["example"]
#tags = ["core_approved", "example",]
#developer = [ "example", "" ]
#trigger_port = "80"
#call_format = "python3 {{script}} {{ip}} {{port}}"
# Scriptfile parser stops at the first blank line with parsing.
# This script will run itself as an argument with the system installed python interpreter, only scanning port 80.
# Unused filed: ports_separator = ","
import sysprint('Python script ran with arguments', str(sys.argv))



Trigger Point

Call Format

#call_format = "python3 {{script}} {{ip}} {{port}}"

The Code itself

Contributing / Making Scripts

Running Other Tools with RustScan

nmap -vvv -p {{port}} {{ip}}

Answer: rustscan_scripts.toml

Answer: T

Answer: F

Task 6: Adaptive

Task 7: Scanning Time!

Multiple IP Scanning

rustscan -a,

Host Scanning

➜ rustscan -a,

CIDR support

➜ rustscan -a

Hosts file as input
rustscan -a 'hosts.txt'

Individual Port Scanning

➜ rustscan -a -p 53

Multiple selected port scanning

➜ rustscan -a -p 53,80,121,65535

Ranges of ports

➜ rustscan -a --range 1-1000    

Adjusting the Nmap arguments

rustscan -a -- -A -sC
nmap -Pn -vvv -p $PORTS -A -sC

Random Port Ordering

➜ rustscan -a --range 1-1000 --scan-order "Random"

Answer: 2

Answer: httponly

Task 8: RustScan Quiz

Answer: -h

Answer: -q

Answer: -r

Answer: -v

Answer: -b

Answer: -t



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